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Treat yourself, your friends,
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To a Scotch Whisky Seminar!
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At “Just a Wee Dram”, we aim to share our enthusiasm and passion for Scotch Whiskies, as well as our knowledge and experience through educational, yet entertaining, Whisky Tasting & Sampling events.

Nowadays, Scotch Whisky is going through a surge of popularity and it has become a “trendy” drink. Whether you would like to experience this trend or already have, I can help you to enhance your enjoyment, to discover new tastes and to increase your understanding of “eau de vie” (aqua vitea) – or as the Celts say uisge beatha (oosh-kee-baw)! Connoisseurs and Aficionados will be treated to a variety of rare and unique Premium Whiskies, as well as cigars!

A typical Scotch Whisky Seminar¹ consists of:

SAMPLING 4-5 wee drams²  •  LEARNING about the terroir, the distillery & its salient aspects of whisky making and whisky maturing  •  TASTING spirits  •  EXPLORING nosing techniques, colour, aromas, flavours and finishes   •  and most importantly, LAUGHING

Questions are always welcome.

“Just a Wee Dram” has something to offer everyone:

  • Beginners: INITIATE your senses to Scotch Whisky
  • Enthusiasts: EXPLORE new distilleries and whiskies
  • Aficionados: SAVOUR Premium Whiskies.

Slainté Mhath³ !   


1. Sem-i-nar: n. meeting for discussion, exchange of idea or training – how fitting!
2. Dram: n. A pour of alcohol. The amount is determined only by the generosity of the pourer. If it is a Scottish drink of spirits, it is usually small or a wee dram.
3. Slainté Mhath: (slahn ja var) Scottish Gaelic greeting meaning to your good health,  commonly used as a drinking toast Scotland and the response is SLAINTE MHOR ( Great Health ) (slahn ja vor)


You are advised to drink responsibly and refrain from excessive consumption. Events hosted by “…Just A Wee Dram” are sample tasting events. By agreeing to pay and attend you agree to release from legal responsibility and hold harmless “… Just A Wee Dram” and its president,Sylvain M. Bouffard, from liability or claims arising from these events.
You must be at least 19 years of age to attend Just a Wee Dram Seminars.

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